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01 Oct 2019 - Tracey Wallace


Eterneva celebrates the lives of remarkable people, and is a death wellness company for the living.

We make diamonds from ashes, but moreover, we support grief wellness and the destigmatization of the difficult conversations and hard moments that must be experienced in the days, weeks, months, and years after someone you love passes away.

The Dying Well Movement

The death care industry doesn’t have an innovation problem. There are amazing organizations in the space that are doing everything in their power to encourage conversations (Death Over Dinner), plan for end of life (Trust & Will), answer all of the questions we are too afraid to ask out loud (Ask a Mortician), and make sure that our end of life care experiences are second to none (Honor).

At Eterneva, our focus is on the living –– those who are grieving –– and helping them to remember and celebrate a remarkable life lived.

The way we see it is simple: everyone is going to experience this kind of deep grief, and no one’s path will be linear nor alike. Deep grief is complicated. It has highs and lows.

We’re here to help those going through these times memorialize their loved ones, keep their legacies alive through both personal and community projects, and honor the life that was lived to inspire those of us here right now.

No one knows what is on the other side of death, and few of us are willing to look at what is on the other side of grief.

Our goal is to help people talk about the people who changed their lives, and to open up lines of communication within families and among friends.

Why a Memorial Diamond

We’d make something that wasn’t a diamond if it accomplished our goals, but it just so happens that a diamond is already special to us, is already something that we cherish.

And a memorial diamond takes that one step further.

The process to grow a memorial diamond takes 7-11 months. During that time, communication with our team becomes therapy as friends and even family get back to their lives, while our customers’ lives remain forever changed.

Our goal is to teach folks that grief and joy aren’t mutually exclusive. That you can and should talk about your loved one regularly, and move that grief to a place of action that honors their life and how it affected yours.

To do this, Eterneva has created rituals of our own:

Mainstream Culture is Our Biggest Competition

In so many ways, mainstream culture is our biggest competition.

The current wellness conversation is incredibly utopian. Real wellness isn’t perfect. It isn’t always happy. Sometimes, real wellness looks like sitting together in silence, letting the lows of life exist.

What we do know helps in grief wellness, and this we’ve learned from more than 350 customers, are the following:

The Next Chapter Poses an Important Question

The point is that after someone incredibly important to you passes away, you have to figure out who you are going to be. And it’s going to be hard.

But the ritualization of something, being active about grief, and doing what you can to honor their legacy can help. This gives you guardrails and a bit of an action-oriented itenary at a time in which you aren’t sure what to do.

Eterneva goes the extra mile to help with monthly checkpoints and a hands on approach. Our customers often call us family. We invite them to our Austin, Texas offices –– and our new memorial diamond lab, and soon we’ll be able to have customers put their loved one’s ashes into the machine themselves.

We believe fiercely in transparency. We cry a lot. We laugh all the time. We have all experienced the deep grief of loss, both expected and tragic, and know that there is no end in sight, but instead a changed you –– one who makes space for the grief, appreciates the love, and goes out to create more connection in the name of those who made us who we are.

Ultimately, we’re flipping the script on a pragmatic experience: a person you love will die, is dying, or has died. What are you going to do?

For some, a memorial diamond and Eterneva feels right. For others, we can be there too, and help point you in the right direction.

Death is as important as life. The shadow it casts is long, but so much can grow when not in direct sunlight.

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