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Diamonds From Ashes

Whether you have ashes at home or recently lost a remarkable person - celebrate their life by making a diamond from ashes or hair.

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This is about a remarkable life

This is for an unforgettable connection in your life. Someone who deserves fireworks, a million floating lanterns, and their name written in the stars. When these people leave us physically, we need a positive way to keep them close to us. At Eterneva, we help you celebrate your remarkable loved one by turning their ashes into a diamond.

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Why a diamond?


A diamond brings up positive emotions and memories.


Wearing their diamond allows you to take them through life.


Their diamond will be passed down and their story kept alive.

A diamond that is uniquely them

Design a diamond that uniquely tells your loved one’s story. Choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or that represents their one-in-a-million personality. As the final touch, we’ll engrave their name on the diamond’s edge.

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It's a true calling

When someone you love passes, it seems like everyone stops talking about them. That was the hardest part for me. Garrett and I were starting a company in the lab-grown diamond space when Tracey passed. She was my mentor, my hero. I needed something more than an urn for her ashes. We realized we could make a diamond from the carbon in her ashes, and we knew we had landed on something special. We felt called to share this beautiful experience with others, and Eterneva was born.

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