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Frequently asked questions

The carat size and color of the memorial diamond you want will determine the cost of turning ashes into a diamond. Pricing begins at $2,999 for a .1 carat diamond.

Absolutely! Ashes never expire.

Absolutely. Like regular diamonds, we grade and certify our diamonds to prove authenticity. We guarantee your diamond will meet the minimum carat weight you ordered and be free of visible inclusions. If we don’t meet these standards, we’ll grow you an additional diamond to ensure we do!

In addition, our diamonds are made using a type of lab-grown diamond machine called a High Pressure, High Temperature machine. These types of machines are used for growing memorial diamonds instead of the traditional CVD machine using for regular lab-grown diamonds because it allows diamonds to grow in isolation.

All memorial diamonds at Eterneva are made one-by-one, and are graded by the International Gemological Institute, or IGI. Your diamond will come home with this grading report card telling you the cut, color, clarity and carat of the diamond.

The human body creates about 7-10 cups of ash, or cremated remains, depending on the person. Eterneva only needs half a cup of ashes to grow a memorial diamond. Many customers like to spread the rest of the ashes at their loved one’s favorite lake, trail, or something similar.

If you don’t have enough ashes, we can also use hair in place of cremated remains or in addition to the cremated remains to make sure we extract enough carbon to grow the diamond.

According to analytical chemistry lab results run by B&B Labs in College Stations, Texas, cremated remains have 1-4% carbon in them, hair has more than 30% carbon, and aquamation ashes have about 16%. We only need one gram of carbon to grow a memorial diamond, meaning small percentages are more than enough.

We only need a half cup of ashes or hair to grow a diamond! If you have less than that don’t worry - a small amount goes a long way. Contact us and we’ll let you know if you have enough. Any ashes/hair we don’t use we’ll also send home at the end.

To grow a diamond from ashes, it takes us about seven to ten months. The timeline depends on the diamond size and color. Every month, we provide videos and pictures so that you can be a part of the journey, share the experience with friends and family, and tell stories about your loved one.

First, you’ll have an initial consultation with us, and then if you’re ready to begin the process, you will put a $100 deposit down to order our kit, which has everything you need to safely send us your ashes. This deposit goes towards your memorial diamond.

When you commission a memorial diamond, they are completely custom-made. Our process is long and intricate, and requires incredible precision to create a memorial diamond exactly to your specifications. Sometimes, it takes multiple attempts. But in the end, your tailor-made diamond is far more meaningful and soulful than a regular diamond.

We prioritize our logistics above everything else because we’re working with someone you love. We maintain a safe reserve of ashes through the process, use QR codes for tracking at every stage, and work on everyone in isolation.

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Design a diamond that uniquely tells your loved one’s story. Choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or that represents their one-in-a-million personality. As the final touch, we’ll engrave their name on the diamond’s edge.

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