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Remarkable Pets

Diamonds from ashes

They deserve to
be a diamond

This is for that once-in-a-lifetime pet. The pet that went through college and career changes with you. That saw you through tragedy, triumph and heartbreak. This is for your steadfast friend, who loved you unconditionally.

Starting price


Ashes or hair needed

2 tbsp - 1/2 cup

Avg. time to completion

7-10 months

Real stories

The Eterneva team cared deeply about Nattie and Allie. They sent us pictures, videos, and updates through the process. It was phenomenal.

Nattie & Allie

A grief-changing journey

Through a collaborative and surprisingly uplifting process, we help you celebrate a remarkable pet. Meanwhile, their ashes are evolving into a diamond you’ll hold close. We've created a grief-changing journey around the diamond's creation that's as special as the diamond itself.

Our journey together
Your loved one
You & Eterneva


You receive your Welcome Kit

The kit includes a video, instructions, return postage, and the needed tools for you to send us your loved one's ashes.

Here's your loved one's itinerary. 😊 Every month we'll share pictures, videos, & updates. So honored to be on this journey with you! 💛💎

We inaugurate every person into the Eterneva Family by adding their picture to our wall and sharing their story with our team and on social, with your permission.

Inauguration video


1.5-2 Months
A remarkable transformation

We isolate the carbon from ashes, which is the starting material for their diamond!

Stage one success! Your loved one's ashes have been successfully purified into beautiful, sparkly carbon. Check out the process ahead. 🎥

Process video


2-3 Months
A diamond emerges

Through a custom, individualized process of heat and pressure, your loved one's raw diamond will grow.

The Science behind the diamond

I have amazing news...your loved one is officially a raw diamond! Here's a video from the growth - they did wonderfully. 🙌

Growth video


2-2.5 Months
Cut, polished, set by masters

Your diamond is cut in Antwerp, graded and engraved, colored* and set in personalized jewelry*. Next, we’ll get ready for the homecoming! (* optional)

Hey there. They just finished at the cutters. Gosh, they turned out stunning. 😍 Check out the new pics on their dedication page.


An unforgettable homecoming

The return of your loved one's diamond is a special day, so we arrange for every diamond to be hand-delivered.

The day is finally here - we're ready to hand-deliver them home. Take lots of pics, this is a day you'll remember for a lifetime. 💛

Get started

A diamond that is uniquely them

Design a diamond that uniquely tells your loved one’s story. Choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or that represents their one-in-a-million personality. As the final touch, we’ll engrave their name on the diamond’s edge.

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