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From virtual reality afterlife games to death doulas: Is our view of dying finally changing?

Our views of traditions surrounding death, like funerals and other ways to memorialize loved ones, are also shifting. Take a viral TikTok that imagined a drag queen-hosted funeral, which garnered more than 673,000 likes. The comments were flooded with admiration for the switch from somber to celebratory. Or turning your deceased loved one’s ashes into a diamond with companies like Eterneva, who turn ashes or hair into fine jewelry.

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Eterneva Raises $10 Million Series A To Help Grievers Memorialize Loved Ones By Turning Their Ashes Into Diamonds

This past year and a half has confronted us all with death one way or another as the COVID-19 pandemic took the lives of more than 4 million people worldwide. But while tech has innovated and modernized almost every stage of our lives, it has barely touched the deathcare space, which is projected to hit $200 billion by 2030. Back in 2017, a small startup called Eterneva was founded to offer grievers a more joyful way of remembering their loved ones by turning the ashes into diamonds. Today, the Austin, Texas-based company announced a $10 million Series A to further its very unique mission.

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Real reviews

We are humbled to get to serve remarkable loved ones and customers, and set a high bar to provide them an unforgettable experience.
Denise Gray
This was the most amazing process. After speaking with Jacob, I was at ease with sending my child’s ashes to him. From the first day to the time I received the most perfect blue diamond, communication was the best. I was updated on every moment of change. Upon receiving my baby back, I was able to not only meet Jacob, but I got to meet Adelle and Garrett. I will never be able to thank them enough.
Alyssa Hagerty
Adelle the owner was amazing! She made me feel secure with my decision and she made me feel like I was a part of the Eterneva family. And that my dad was in good hands. I am very grateful for Adelle and Eterneva family to welcome me and my dad Into the family. Thank you sooo much for everything! I love the diamond. I recommend Eterneva to everyone!
Teresa Rusnak
Garrett was so incredibly sensitive and caring throughout the entire diamond making process. I get to be close to my baby girl every day because of this amazing gift. It has made the passing of Lucy more bearable. Now, she truly is “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. Thank you to the entire team for all of your support and kindness. 

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