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Diamonds From Ashes

Pre-planning your Eterneva Diamond

It’s a conversation everyone should have. And our process gives you the peace of mind to know their next steps are taken care of.

Declaration of will

A Lasting Gift & Memorial

The amount of decisions needed after someone you love passes can feel overwhelming, and many people choose to pre-plan to help those they love in their absence. The Eterneva Declaration of Will will help make your wishes known. Simply print and sign the document, and keep it with your important documents like your birth certificate. Let your family know where to find them. These are the first documents your family and funeral director will need in the event of your passing.

Beloved mother

How it works

Starting price


Ashes or hair needed

2 tbsp - 1/2 cup

Avg. time to completion

7-10 months


Your loved ones receive the Welcome Kit

The kit includes a video, instructions, return postage, and the needed tools for your loved ones or the funeral director to transfer some of your ashes, or to send in a lock of your hair.


A remarkable transformation

Your ashes or hair will then be purified to isolate the carbon. As soon as we get your carbon back, your loved ones will get a first look with the Eterneva team at the sparkly material your ashes or hair have transformed into.


A diamond emerges

Your carbon will be put into a diamond growth cell and grown in our Eterneva diamond growth lab. All diamonds are grown individually, and your loved ones will get regular video updates of the entire growth journey.


Cut, polished, set by masters

Once your raw diamond has emerged, it’s time to cut, polish, color, grade, and set it in pieces your loved ones can carry with them into their next chapter.

Want to start the process now with your hair?

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A diamond brings up positive emotions and memories.

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Wearing their diamond allows you to take them through life.

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Their diamond will be passed down and their story kept alive.

A diamond that is uniquely you

Design a diamond that uniquely tells your story. Choose your favorite color, or one that reminds you of a special memory with those you love. As the final touch, we will engrave your name on the diamond’s edge.

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We are humbled to get to serve remarkable loved ones and customers, and set a high bar to provide them an unforgettable experience.

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Frequently asked questions

A:    We only need a half cup of ashes or hair to grow a diamond! If you have less than that don't worry - a small amount goes a long way. Contact us and we’ll let you know if you have enough. Any ashes/hair we don't use we’ll also send home at the end.

A:    Absolutely! Ashes never expire.

A:    To grow a diamond from ashes, it takes us about seven to ten months. It depends on the diamond size and color you want. Every month, we'll provide videos and pictures so that you can be a part of the journey!

A:    First, you'll have an initial consultation with us, and then if you're ready to begin the process, you will put a $100 deposit down to order our kit, which has everything you need to safely send us your ashes. This deposit goes towards your memorial diamond.

A:    Absolutely. Like regular diamonds, we grade and certify our diamonds to prove authenticity. We guarantee your diamond will meet the minimum carat weight you ordered and be free of visible inclusions. If we don't meet these standards, we'll grow you an additional diamond to ensure we do!

A:    When you commission a memorial diamond, they are completely custom-made. Our process is long and intricate, and requires incredible precision to create a memorial diamond exactly to your specifications. Sometimes, it takes multiple attempts. But in the end, your tailor-made diamond is far more meaningful and soulful than a regular diamond.

A:    We prioritize our logistics above everything else because we're working with someone you love. We maintain a safe reserve of ashes through the process, use QR codes for tracking at every stage, and work on everyone in isolation so there's no risk for cross-contamination.

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