The Science Behind Memorial Diamonds


A remarkable process

Heat, pressure, time, and carbon. That’s what’s needed for a diamond to form in the earth’s mantle. Our amazing machines can simulate these same conditions, and grow a real diamond from the carbon in your loved ones ashes.


An intricate 7-stage journey

stage one

The Welcome Kit

To start the process, you order the Welcome Kit. It includes a video, instructions, return postage, and needed tools to send us your loved ones ashes. If you could use a helping hand in handling the ashes, we can arrange one of our mobile team members to come to your house to help.

Stage two: 1.5-2 months

Carbon purification

During this phase we’re isolating the carbon from all the other elements found in ashes or hair. While much of the elemental carbon burns off during cremation, there still remains carbon in bones called carbonates, which is the carbon we’re isolating from all other elements. 0.5-4% of remains are made up of carbon and it takes us many weeks of work to purify and extract it. The result is a carbon graphite powder, which is the starter material for the diamond! We’ll share a video with you so you can see the amazing transformation from ashes to carbon.

Want to have your loved one’s ashes or hair tested for its total carbon content? We offer third-party testing free of charge.


Diamond Growth

We have diamond growth facilities in both Austin, Texas and Germany with some of the top scientists in the world. At this stage, our incredible machines replicate the growing conditions under the earth (2,500 degrees fahrenheit and 850,000 pounds per square inch). Over time, your loved one’s carbon crystallizes on top of a diamond seed, and grows into a raw diamond.

Everyone’s carbon is uniquely different, so it’s an iterative process of our scientists finding the perfect combination of heat and pressure for each individual person! We video this entire process and our scientists work with the utmost precision and care, because they know the stories of all the remarkable people they’re working on.

the craft of a memorial diamond

When you commission an Eterneva diamond, it is completely custom-made and as unique as your loved one.



Diamond quality assessment

After the raw diamond has fully formed, we scan the diamond (like an x-ray!) to identify the placement of inclusions in the diamond and to ensure the shape and size we’re targeting will fit nicely within the raw diamond without any visible inclusions. It’s quality over speed at this stage, because we want your loved one’s diamond to be perfect!


Diamond cutting

Once your loved one’s diamond passes our quality inspection, it will be cut by a master cutter with absolute care and precision. The cutters cutting your loved ones diamonds have over 45 years of experience! The biggest influence on a diamond’s quality and sparkle is the cut, so we’re really particular about who we work with.

The finishing touches



If you’ve selected a red, green or black diamond for your loved one, we’ll take their diamond through an additional diamond coloration stage. At this stage high-energy particles are combined with natural elements (like Nitrogen and Boron) to create many ‘color centers’ through the stone, giving it a beautiful coloration. Black diamonds require three months to turn completely opaque.



Your loved one’s diamond is a 100% real diamond, so we have it certified by independent, expert gemologists. We work with IGI USA, as they’re one of the most respected diamond grading labs worldwide. Their team will scientifically examine your diamond and grade it’s color, clarity, and cut. They also will engrave your personal inscription on the diamond with a microscopic laser!



We can help arrange the perfect setting for your loved one’s diamond, or you can choose to have it set locally. We have a curated line of setting options to choose from, or you can work with one of our masterful jewelers in designing your own custom piece. We don’t begin setting planning or arrangements until cutting is complete, because the jeweler needs the diamond’s dimensions for the setting design.

*Optional services

Ready to get started?

Put your $100 deposit down to order the Eterneva Welcome Kit. It contains cubic zirconias so you can see the different diamond size options in person, and the tools you need to package up 1/2 a cup of ashes to send back to us.

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