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Diamonds from ashes

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A remarkable partnership

We're honored to partner with Schoedinger Funeral Homes and Cremation Services. Together, we can offer their customers a modern, personal, and positive way to celebrate their extraordinary loved ones: by making diamonds from their ashes.

Starting price


Ashes or hair needed

2 tbsp - 1/2 cup

Avg. time to completion

7-10 months

A grief-changing journey

We want to be a source of brightness for those coping with the death of a loved one. Through a collaborative and surprisingly uplifting process, we help families and friends honor the bright moments of a life. Meanwhile, the ashes of their loved one are evolving into a diamond that they'll be able to hold close.

Our journey together
Your loved one
You & Eterneva


You receive your Welcome Kit

The kit includes a video, instructions, return postage, and the needed tools for you to send us your loved one's ashes.

Here's your loved one's itinerary. 😊 Every month we'll share pictures, videos, & updates. So honored to be on this journey with you! 💛💎

We inaugurate every person into the Eterneva Family by adding their picture to our wall and sharing their story with our team and on social, with your permission.

Inauguration video


1.5-2 Months
A remarkable transformation

We isolate the carbon from ashes, which is the starting material for their diamond!

Stage one success! Your loved one's ashes have been successfully purified into beautiful, sparkly carbon. Check out the process ahead. 🎥

Process video


2-3 Months
A diamond emerges

Through a custom, individualized process of heat and pressure, your loved one's raw diamond will grow.

The Science behind the diamond

I have amazing news...your loved one is officially a raw diamond! Here's a video from the growth - they did wonderfully. 🙌

Growth video


2-2.5 Months
Cut, polished, set by masters

Your diamond is cut in Antwerp, graded and engraved, colored* and set in personalized jewelry*. Next, we’ll get ready for the homecoming! (* optional)

Hey there. They just finished at the cutters. Gosh, they turned out stunning. 😍 Check out the new pics on their dedication page.


An unforgettable homecoming

The return of your loved one's diamond is a special day, so we arrange for every diamond to be hand-delivered.

The day is finally here - we're ready to hand-deliver them home. Take lots of pics, this is a day you'll remember for a lifetime. 💛

Get started

A diamond that is uniquely them

Design a diamond that uniquely tells your loved one’s story. Choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or that represents their one-in-a-million personality. As the final touch, we’ll engrave their name on the diamond’s edge.

Begin the journey

Frequently asked questions

We only need a half cup of ashes or hair to grow a diamond! If you have less than that, don't worry - a small amount goes a long way. Contact us and we’ll let you know if you have enough. Any ashes/hair we don't use we’ll also send home at the end of the process.

Absolutely! Ashes never expire. We have customers who sent us ashes they have had for more than 20 years. The same is true with hair. If you have a lock of their hair at home, that also does not expire –– and we can use it to create a memorial diamond.

To grow a diamond from ashes, it takes us about seven to ten months. The amount of time a memorial diamond takes depends on the diamond size and color you want.

Every month, the Eterneva team provides videos and pictures so that you can be a part of the journey! We believe these seven to ten months can be cathartic, as they were for our co-founder Adelle when she got to see first-hand the entire process of turning her business mentor’s ashes into a diamond.

It gave her something positive to talk about with friends and family. It gave her something to look forward to. And it changed her relationship with the loss, making space for reverence as she created something beautiful from tragedy.

That’s a great question, and one we’ve put a lot of thought into. We know how difficult it can be for folks to send in ashes, so we’ve made sure every step of the process is easy to follow and precise.

First, you'll have an initial consultation with us, and then if you're ready to begin the process, you will put a $100 deposit down to order our kit, which has everything you need to safely send us your ashes. This deposit goes towards your memorial diamond.

In our Welcome Kit, we include packaging and postage for you to send the ashes back. You’ll receive email updates from us throughout the process so that you know exactly where your loved one’s ashes are. Once they get to us, which typically takes only 1-2 days, we will take a picture and send it over to you for peace of mind.

Absolutely. Memorial diamonds are real diamonds. Like mined diamonds, we grade and certify our diamonds to prove authenticity.

We guarantee your diamond will meet the minimum carat weight you ordered and be free of visible inclusions. If we don't meet these standards, we'll grow you an additional diamond to ensure we do!

When you commission a memorial diamond, they are completely custom-made. Our process is long and intricate, and requires incredible precision to create a memorial diamond exactly to your specifications. In the end, we believe your tailor-made diamond is far more meaningful and soulful than a regular diamond –– either lab-grown or natural.

We prioritize our logistics above everything else because we're working with someone you love. We maintain a safe reserve of ashes through the process, use QR codes for tracking at every stage, and work on everyone in isolation.

On average, there is 1-4% Carbon left in ashes after cremation. This Carbon is found in two forms: organic and inorganic carbon.

Eterneva works with TDI-Brooks International/B&B Laboratories Inc. to do third-party carbon analysis for any customer who requests to know the carbon content of their loved one’s remains.

The cost for turning ashes into diamonds varies based on the carat size and diamond color you want. Cost begins at $2,999 for a .1 carat blue, yellow or colorless diamond.

Cost goes up based on the amount of time the diamond is in the machine since we can only grow one diamond at a time. Larger carat sizes must be in the machine longer, and colors outside of yellow, blue or colorless must go through an additional coloration process. Larger diamonds are also the most difficult to grow so the pricing reflects the complexity of hand-crafting a large diamond. These factors are what makes the price increase.

Lab grown diamonds, for instance, are grown in batches, and do not have to go through an additional ashes or hair purification process prior to growth.

This makes the memorial diamond process much more complex, lengthy, and intensive. This is why we have also designed a Grief Wellness journey throughout the 7-10 months it takes to grow your memorial diamond. During this time, you’ll receive regular updates from our team showing you where your loved one is in the process.

Memorial diamonds use bio carbon to grow a diamond. The process begins with purification of the ashes or hair you send in so we can extract the pure carbon.

You’ll get a video update from us once we get it back so you can see what the pure carbon looks like –– and then, we load it into a diamond growth cell. The diamond growth cell contains the bio carbon, generic carbon and a tiny diamond seed. This seed acts similar to the sand around which a pearl forms in an oyster. It tells the carbon what form to take.

From there, the diamond is inspected for any imperfections, cut and colored to your desired specifications, sent to a third-party grading organization called IGI, and then, we plan the homecoming!

More than someone could probably afford! From only 1/2 a cup of ashes we can extract more than enough carbon to grow 4-5 diamonds, and a normal person produces 7-10 cups of ashes after cremation!

It takes roughly 2-4 weeks to grow a diamond in a lab. What adds additional time to the 7-11 month Eterneva journey is the purification process, which takes 6-8 weeks, the cutting process which takes 4-6 weeks, and the coloration process, which takes 4-6 weeks.

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Welcome kit

Ready to get started?

Put your $100 deposit down to order the Eterneva Welcome Kit. It contains cubic zirconias so you can see the different diamond size options in person, and the tools you need to package up 1/2 a cup of ashes to send back to us.

Note: If you haven’t received the ashes from the funeral home yet, bring the kit in and they can package it for you.

Order the kit