Eterneva Dedication Pages Now Available for Customers Going Through This Grief-Changing Journey

31 Mar 2020 - Tracey Wallacce


The entire Eterneva team is so excited to announce the launch of our Dedication Pages –– now available for all customers.

Dedication Pages detail the Eterneva diamond journey from start to finish, making it easier to share updates with friends and family. The ultimate goal is to encourage those who loved your loved one to tell stories about them more often.

This is not a call for condolences. It is a call for remembering remarkably.

Why Dedication Pages?

Our team is dedicated to transparency and science for all. To do that, we take pictures and videos of all the stages in the Eterneva diamond journey. Historically, we’ve shared those with our customers via email or text, whichever communication method they preferred.

Many of our customers then went on to share those updates with friends and family –– but it wasn’t easy.

They had to download what we sent, and share on social media channels or wherever else they wanted to. Our customers asked for something easier –– and our solution are Dedication Pages.

These come at no additional cost to customers, and they will be updated over time as we add commenting and subscription abilities.

Want an Eterneva Dedication Page?

Are you a customer going through the Eterneva memorial diamond journey, and want a Dedication Page for your loved one? Great! Fill out the form here and let’s get started.

If you are not an Eterneva customer, don’t worry! We will be opening up access to Dedication Pages in July 2020. Join our waitlist here to get notified when that happens.

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